What is ExamShout?

What is ExamShout?

ExamShout is the absolute, top of the line certification training system for your mobile device.

We have designed a five-tier learning system. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or new to the industry, our program will help you reach your certification goals faster than any other system.

Because of our 5-TIER SYSTEM, you are able to decide how much detail you need to efficiently learn the material you need to master.

Tier 1: Question / Answer Simulation

Tier 2: Quick Explanation of the Answer

Tier 3: Link to a VERY DETAILED explanation

Tier 4: Reference Sites so that you can study in depth the concept presented

Tier 5: Many of our questions have links to VIDEO tutorials explaining the material in depth.


We have spent the last 2 years developing over 200 applications for the Android Operating system. During this time, we have developed a revolutionary learning system that works on your smart phone. Over the next month, we will be releasing our Android Versions, followed by Windows Phone 7 versions, and finally, our iPhone versions of the software.

ExamShout is a test study and simulation software for your mobile device. If you are looking to take a Microsoft Certification Exam, these smart-phone based applications are specifically targeted for you during our initial launch. We will soon be following with Cisco, compTIA, VMWare, and many or application areas.