What is ExamShout?

What is ExamShout?

ExamShout is the absolute, top of the line certification training system for your mobile device.

We have designed a five-tier learning system. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or new to the industry, our program will help you reach your certification goals faster than any other system.

Because of our 5-TIER SYSTEM, you are able to decide how much detail you need to efficiently learn the material you need to master.

Tier 1: Question / Answer Simulation

Tier 2: Quick Explanation of the Answer

Tier 3: Link to a VERY DETAILED explanation

Tier 4: Reference Sites so that you can study in depth the concept presented

Tier 5: Many of our questions have links to VIDEO tutorials explaining the material in depth.


We have spent the last 2 years developing over 200 applications for the Android Operating system. During this time, we have developed a revolutionary learning system that works on your smart phone. Over the next month, we will be releasing our Android Versions, followed by Windows Phone 7 versions, and finally, our iPhone versions of the software.

ExamShout is a test study and simulation software for your mobile device. If you are looking to take a Microsoft Certification Exam, these smart-phone based applications are specifically targeted for you during our initial launch. We will soon be following with Cisco, compTIA, VMWare, and many or application areas.

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Call for Android Beta Testers!

We are in the process of launching our product offering on Android. At this time, we are looking for people willing to provide feedback on our software for Exam 70-640. This is Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring.

Our revolutionary exam preparation material includes:

  • Practice Mode
  • Exam Mode
  • 2-levels of explanation per question
  • Show / Hide Answers
  • Mark Questions for Review
  • Comment / Collaborate on questions
  • Exhibits / Images
  • Study Tips
  • Exam Information

To participate in this Beta, all you need to do is head to the Android Market, and search for “ExamShout 70-640″. The application is available for Android OS versions 1.6 and above.

For more details: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.examshout.ms70_640&feature=search_result


For everyone who downloads the application at the reduced price, you will continue to receive updates even after the price increases.

Thank you for your help!

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Learn to Decode Certification Questions

After years of teaching certification bootcamps, I have learned many ways to help people avoid pitfalls that are common on certification exams. The first thing you need to teach is how to avoid what I call “Word Blindness”.

On the average question, there is often long, meaningless computer names, alpha-numeric network names, confusing adapters, and various peripherals. Then, we describe complex scenarios involving international locations, end user names, department names, and more. Some of this information is vital to the question, but many times, it is just meant to make the question more confusing.

We learned to teach a technique called “Decoding” in which we systematically pull the information from the question into an easier, more consise format. This serves two purposes. 1.) We make it easier to understand. 2.) We train the student to learn what is important in a question so they can, more quickly, find what is relavent.

This helps turn a very “wordy” question into something much easier to understand.

Let’s view an example question:

You have been employed as the Sr. Network Administrator for ExamShout’s corporate Headquarters located in Minneapolis, MN. Exam shout also has a branch offices located in New York and in Chicago. Each branch office is connected to the corporate office in Minneapolis using a Wide-Area Network (WAN) connection. ExamShout’s network consists of a single Active Directory domain called ExamShout.com. All servers on the ExamShout.com network are Windows Server 2008 Servers. All clients on the ExamShout network consist of a mix of Windows Vista and Windows 7 based machines.

ExamShout currently has configured a computer named EXAMSHOUTSR001 in the Minneapolis office. This server has been configured to host DNS for the ExamShout.com network. Each office has a server installed to host file-sharing services. Users from each location use their local server to share and store files.

During the course of your day, you recieve a number of complaints from New York and Chicago users that there is increased wait time while attempting to connect to network resources. You determine that the WAN connection between each branch location is not experiencing excessive bandwith. You need to ensure that all network users are able to connect to resources as quickly as possible.

What should you do? (Choose Two)

A.) You should discuss the option of installing a DNS Server in both the Chicago and New York Offices
B.) You should consider installing a Secondary Zone in both the Chicago and New York Offices
C.) You should consider having forwarders configured in both the Chicago and New York Offices
D.) You shoud consider installing a standard primary zone in both Chicago and New York Offices
E.) You should resign and pursue a career in some other field than Information Technology.

WOW! All you had to do was read that… I had to type it! But, as you can see, it is too wordy, very long, and confusing at best. And, honestly, this question is actually simplified from the actual questions you might see on a Microsoft Exam. So, how do we make this readable? Let’s start with showing you how it will look once we have decoded the question:

Network: Windows Server 2008. Clients: Vista/Win7
Offices: Minneapolis, Chicago, New York
Connection: WAN Link between Minneapolis <–> Chicago; Minneapolis <–> New York
Problem: Users in branch office are getting extended wait times when connecting to network resources. Not a WAN connection issue. DNS server in Minneapolis. DNS not mentioned in Chicago or New York

As you can see, we have managed to mine the relevant information from the question into only 6 lines! Now, while you will be required to read the exhaustive amounts of text during the actual exam, by working with the decoding process, you can make sure that you pull the relavent pieces out helping you make a more informed decision while minimizing confusion.

There is also another added benefit to this process: Massively reduced study time.

If you have ever tried to use other exam simulation study guides program’s, you probably are aware that they attempt to reproduce a very similar environment to the actual exam. While, this can be nice from a standpoint of learning what to expect, it seems like a complete waste of time to make you read the equivilent of “War and Peace” each time you want to sit down and learn.

The ExamShout concept does the following:

  • Teaches you to identify the important material in the question quickly
  • Focus on the technical knowledge, not reading speed
  • Getting you exposed to more material in less time, improving your certification score

And, finally, as reward to navigating your way through this exhaustive post, the correct answers were A & B.



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